Thank you for applying to Palfish. This document gives you a guideline on how to complete your application. Please follow the instructions below carefully, since you will only get ONE chance. Good Luck!

Application Checklist:

    • Choose an avatar
    • It has to be yourself;
    • It’s a clear photo that people could recognize who you are;
    • It’s recommended that you are the only person in the picture;

    • Write your self-introduction
    • It needs to be more than 100 words
      • It needs to include the following information:
      • Your name;
      • Your nationality;(None Chinese only)
      • College that you have attended or attending
      • Previous experience(Recommended but not necessary)
      • What you can offer to your students
    • If you are a Chinese teacher, you need to write the Self-Intro in both Chinese and English

    • Record a Self-Introduction
    • It needs to be longer than 30 seconds;
    • You need to showcase your English pronunciation and proficiency;
    • Talk about what’s your specialty;
    • Make sure the recording is clear;

    • Go to “My Wallet”, and fill in the your payment information
    • Only Payoneer and Chinese bank card are provided;
    • If you don’t have an account, please register for one. We, unfortunately, don’t offer other payment methods;
    • Please contact Payoneer or the bank's customer service if you have any questions regarding to how to use them;

General Information

The verification process will take up to 2 business days. Please DON’T message us to rush your application, and you don’t need to inform us that you have completed your application. If you have any questions regarding how to use the App, please read “A Guide to Palfish”. Feel free to message “Palfish Team(T)” if you need assistance, or you still have questions regarding to the application process. We are more than willing to help! You will receive your application result from a message from “Palfish Team(T)”, please pay attention. Unfortunately, reapply is not available. Thank you for your understanding. Please also note that, all the information provided has to be true or Palfish has the right to disqualify you, and refuse to pay the salary. Please also note that you can only change your tuition rate TWICE a month, so please change the price after much consideration. Thank you.

Self-Introduction Example

None-Chinese Teacher

🐕 My name is Jacob, I am 25 years old and have grown up in London, the United Kingdom.
📘 I graduated from Warwick University (#7 UK, #48 World) and studied Politics, Philosophy & Economics.
✈ I am deeply passionate about our world. I have travelled to China, Nepal, Argentina, Thailand, India, Brazil, France, Japan, Holland, Bolivia, Germany, Cambodia, Spain, Turkey, Peru, Greece & Ecuador.
📷 Photography enthusiast - you can check out some photos from my adventures - all my photos I have taken myself.
🚵 I spent 2 months in China recently and cycled from Guangzhou / 广州市 to Bangkok / 曼谷 Thailand.
📝 Just completed my Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate.
🔊 I have a neutral British accent and my voice is very easy to understand. You can listen to my Podcasts for a sample.
🌏 I am fascinated by China and would love to hear more about your country and culture. I am currently saving money to return to China to explore and take photographs.
🕛 Booking an appointment with me is your best option to guarantee you some teaching time and it also makes my life easier.
💬 I can offer Conversational classes, IELTS Practice, English for Business, English for Travel, Studying Abroad guidance etc. Just tell me know what you want to know so that I can prepare for you.
😊 I really look forward to speaking with you!

©Jacob(Palfish) - All rights reserved

Editor's Suggestions

Think of yourself as a student searching for a teacher, what do you want to see from the teacher’s introduction?
You need to be humorous, attractive, and it also needs to contain something like your hobbies

This is the end of “Application Guideline”. Thank you again for applying to Palfish. We wish you the best in your application process and your life.
Best regards,
Palfish Team